Thursday, November 10, 2011

Help Us Help Haley


The same day we got Angelina we also got Haley (it was a busy day!). Haley is a 6 month old female. She was an owner turn in. They weren’t caring for her properly and didn’t want to pay for what it takes to get her better and do the work necessary to get her well.  Their vet told them that her prognosis was poor.

She has horrible mange, skin infection, luxating patella’s, two hernias and she also has two dew claws in each back paw, very strange. He eye had a bad ulcer that wasn’t treated properly, so we had to be closed up and we hope we can save it. At this time we don't know if that will be possible. She was loaded with fleas, very skinny, only 9 lbs.  Right now we are concentrating on her mange and eye.  Then we will have to deal with the hernia's and all the rest.
Due to her skin infection which is pretty severe, very little hair on this little girl, we are giving her two types of antibiotics, as well as  Ivermectin (oral - shots don't work) for the mange. Baths every other day and lots of meds for her eye.  Another high maintenance dog. Can't believe we got two puppies in such bad shape in one day!!

As always we need your support. Angelina and Haley will be very expensive.  Your tax deductible donation will go a long ways to help us help them. Thank you so much for your support!

Tina Seri - Pugs 'N Pals

HALEY 11-18-11

What a difference two weeks makes. Here’s a pic of Haley when we got her, and the two taken today. The owner’s Dr. put on her chart “prognosis poor” in other words she may not make it. Well we showed him. We were able to save the eye, we took the stitches out today. She still battling the mange, but that will take a while, she already has a lot of hair growth and she gained 2 lbs.!!

Amazing what love and care with do isn’t it? She is a very active and happy girl. Still has a long ways to go, but what a start!

Tina Seri - Pugs 'N Pals


Anonymous said...

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Samantha said...

i love otis and peppa and got to meet them. they are adorable!! i am the neice of Martin and Karen Schaefer who volunteers here. Please tell them that S,mantha Cronk says hi!

Samantha said...

i really mean Samantha C