Saturday, January 21, 2012

SOFIA - HALEY'S SISTER - Help us help her!

SOFIA (Haley's Sister)

Well it seem we are running a special on Demodex mange!!  If you remember a few months back we got Haley, a 7 month old Pug with severe mange, and a severely ulcerated eye, which we had to close for 2 weeks to save it. Yesterday we got a call from an owner who wanted to turn in Sofia, a 9 month old female Pug because she has severe mange and wasn’t eating. She sent us a picture and we all thought how much this little girl looked like Haley. We rushed to Ventura to get Sofia. When we got her we noticed her resembles to Haley was much more than uncanny. Haley has double dew claws on her back legs (which we will have to surgically removed), well this little girl has the same thing. This is highly unusual. After some research we realize Sofia is Haley’s sister (little mates). What are the odds!!

We were Haley’s 4th home and we are Sofia’s 5th home. So terribly sad!

As you can see by these pics, Sofia is a mess! Her mange is really severe and due to it she has a raging infection going on in her body. Her nose folds are so bad that it bleeds. Bad ear infection, high temperature, yeast infection, as well as Giardia. Just like Haley she has very small nostrils, which also will have to be enlarged and she has a real difficult time breathing. At the moment she is not eating, which really concerns us. Probably due to the infection going on and the Giardia. She is also very anemic.

As you can guess by now, she will be another very expensive dog. Right now we are dealing with Athena, Angelina, Haley and Sofia with the similar problems. A lot to deal with financially, plus we have many other dogs in-house with major health issues that are also costing us a lot of money. But we couldn’t not help Sofia. We hope that once again you will come through for us and help us with a tax deductible donation to help Sofia.

You can make nor donation via Pay Pal, or mail a check to: Pugs ‘N Pals, P.O. Box 9343, Newport Beach, CA 92658 attention: “Sofia’s Fund”.

As always we thank you so much for your on-going support, with your contribution we are able to help dogs like Sofia and stop the revolving door of them being passed around from home to home.

Tina Seri
Pugs 'N Pals


Anonymous said...

poor baby. She has such a sweet face.

Kathy G. said...

These sweet babies deserve a better life. Thanks to Pug and Pals for all you do for them! Dig deep everyone, and give just a little to make their lives a little better

James said...

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Anonymous said...

Please stop your lawsuit against Harriet Brown. Let fosters adopt. Do what’s right for Poppy and Brianna, and let them stay in the only loving and stable home they have ever known.”